New Interactive Textbook for Printing & Graphic Communication


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Print Industry business development, marketing and sales training firm Chadwick Consulting has added a significant textbook to its collection of online, university-level, training courses for graphic communication professionals.

Co-authored by Cal Poly Emeritus Professor Harvey Levenson & former Seybold editor John Parsons, this book is already used at 28-universities, colleges, technical / vocational schools and high schools. Information about this book, Introduction to Graphic Communication, is available on the Chadwick website, where it can be purchased.

This book adds to Chadwick’s growing list of non-degree courses for printing & graphic communication employees, including online courses from the University of Houston, Arizona State, Pittsburgh State and Appalachian State Universities.

Introduction To Graphic Communication is a new kind of book, combining print & multimedia engagement,” according to Professor Levenson. “It is the first printed book using Ricoh’s Clickable app to access over 300 related videos & other online resources.”


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