The Graphic Communication Advisors Journal Vol. 1 Announced


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The Raymond J. Prince Graphic Communication Advisory Group (GCAG) has launched Vol. 1 of a new annual journal. This 95-page free e-journal—a compilation of 12-monthly articles by industry authorities published from January to December 2021—is together in a single publication.

According to Harvey Levenson—Cal Poly Professor Emeritus & GCAG editor,—“Ray Prince’s vision was to bring together a group of independent experts to take on the role of industry advisors, previously handled by associations that no longer exist such as GATF, NAPL, PIA and others." The journal explains the origins & purpose of the GCAG, covers the industry segments served and provides a list of GCAG advisors. Monthly articles will continue, followed by annual journals.

The full journal is accessed here, free of charge, and provides an informative & worthwhile read.

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What about Profitability?
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