Cal Poly Graphic Communication Department Earns Re-accreditation


Staff member
The Graphic Communication Department at Cal Poly—accredited since 1998—has been re-accredited for another 6-year cycle, by a unanimous vote of the Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications (ACCGC). Cal Poly is one of 8-accredited programs in the United States that offer curricula in graphic communication.

The accreditation process included a self-study and a yearlong examination of curriculum assessment, laboratory work and faculty research. An accreditation team also visited campus to observe classes and coursework, speak with students & advisory board members and converse with alumni.

The purpose of accrediting graphic communication programs is threefold:
  • Assuring curricular & instructional relevancy within a system of quality improvement;
  • Stimulating the exchange of ideas between academia & industry; and
  • Providing internal & external recognition to collegiate programs meeting accreditation standards.
According to Graphic Communication Department Chair Colleen Twomey, “Accreditation matters to employers who can be assured that the skills and problem-solving techniques our students are learning enable these graduates to contribute to the industry immediately. This process recognizes that Cal Poly is a top tier school to study graphic communication.”


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