GCAG Renamed in Honor of Ray Prince


Staff member
The GCAG (Graphic Communication Advisors Group), formed in 2017, has been reorganized & renamed to honor its founder, the late Raymond J. Prince.

The group’s purpose is to keep the graphic communication industry alive and vibrant by helping industry companies solve problems, come up with new ideas for expanding business, and to serve as a “think tank” for innovation. The Group is a consortium of industry experts available for advice, discussions, consulting, writing, research, expert testimony and special projects. Ray Prince managed the GCAG until he passed away on May 1, 2020. Cal Poly Professor Emeritus Harvey Levenson has volunteered to take on the oversight role.

The Group’s website describes the GCAG purpose, and includes a list of 60 industry segments that the advisors serve. It also includes a directory of the group’s 22 advisors and their specialties along with contact information. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the advisors of choice directly.

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What about Profitability?
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