Automate UPS Shipping Label Creation?


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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to improve the process of making UPS shipping labels for digital orders that come from the PageDNA Web2Print system. Currently, I am manually modifying a spreadsheet containing varying numbers of orders which is ultimately fed into the UPS WorldShip software. I'd like to find a better way either by hot folder or maybe even scanning a barcode and having a label print out.

Can anyone suggest any solutions?


Stephen Marsh

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pd, do you have an MIS/ERP system that accepts XML input? A database or report tool that accepts XML? The PageDNA site’s integration section mentions possible integration with other systems through XML, however as they mention an API you may need to hire a programmer and hope that future updates to the web portal don’t break the custom programming.

Having a fully integrated web to print portal and MIS is a huge advantage. A stand alone “web to nowhere” storefront that does not dovetail with other systems just creates more work for the print shop. This is something that I take for granted with the Accura MIS and AccuraOnline eCommerce system, it is all integrated “out of the box” - orders come into the MIS from the bidirectionally integrated online site with job/delivery details. Accura automatically creates the dispatch note PDF files and uploads them to the client’s order on the website, and the parcel labels are then auto generated and printed.

Stephen Marsh

Color Optimized?

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