avantra 25e bridge error - Rollers?

Hi Guys....

Im currently running a Avantra 25E with OLP.

Whats happening is when im trying to manual feed, the film will feed up the first 5 rollers of the bridge then stop to prepare for the cut, once the cut is performed the film will just sit there until it comes up with an film stuck in bridge error.

What i have noticed though is once the cut is performed and if i give the rollers a push by hand in the same direction the rollers actually start moving again and will feed the film through to the processor. Seems like the rollers are stuck or not enough power driving it.

The size of the film im feeding through is 70cm in length.

Though when i do try to feed a smaller size film through (30cm) it has NO problems with that.

If anyone has any suggestions or can help it will greatly appreciated. : )



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Increasing of the resistance somewhere in the Bridge.
I suppose - roller's bearings have dirty sticky old grease inside , they have to rotate freely in one direction only and not backward.
Next stuff - timing belt became longer than normal.

Check the timing belt and the bearings.


bridge error

bridge error

I had the same problem with our 25.
As Vlad said, bearings.
If smaller sizes of film work, then its not the belt.
if you remove the cover of the bridge, and watch the rollers, they are set up in 2 groups.
as i understand it, if you manually push you film up to the top, the second batch of rollers will take it from there.
facing the bridge, the bearings, and they're 1 way flange bearings are on the left hand side of the bridge.
if you roll the rollers forward and back with your hand, they should only move freely forward.
if any of the rollers can turn backwards, that it the roller with the bad bearing.
as the bearing start to go, this forward/backward mobility will occurr intermittantly.
if the bearing is completely gone, the roller will spin freely in either direction.

try that.
most former agfa techs will usually have this bearing in their collection, since they do go bad.
good luck


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just wondering...is it at the beginning or end of a roll of film? If its at the end it could be caused by curl. just a thought.
Thanks for the replies...... :)

Ok i've given the bearings a good clean with WD40 and adjusted the belt for 3rd time now and it seems to be working now.

What i've noticed is if i have the top belt on maximum tension ( how it was when it was working ) thats when the problem will occur but once i loosen the belt up its operates fine. The belt is so loose thay when i spin the rollers by hand the belt will slip off the gears very easily, it seems to be working so i have left it this way for now.

Also what you said about the rollers that it should spin freely one way and lock on the other way, mine is actually spinning freely when it's rotated towards me when standing in front of it and it will also rotate away from me but just not as freely.
So your rollers dont rotate at all in the other direction?

Its happening at the beginning and end of the roll, i know what you mean though coz i get that problem too whenever im reaching the end of the roll.

Anyways ill try running a few jobs next week and see how it goes.

Akira = )

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