BAUM 2020 Stacker issue


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We have had our Baum 2020 for several years. A year or so ago the stacker belts started slipping from time to time. I noticed that some plastic coating or something had worn off that went under the belts. It seems as though there are no adjustments to tighten those belts. Eventually the belts just slipped and didn't move the finished product at all. I was able to slip one belt over another and it "fixed" the slipping problem. Now we are months later and belts have started breaking. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I missing an adjustment? If I order new belts I am concerned that they will be too loose as well and not turn. Thanks for any help.


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Baum direct has always been very helpful for us, just expensive. I would think they'd give you some direction with no strings attached.

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