BCC Software Acquired by BlueCrest


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BlueCrest—supplier of enterprise software, printers, inserters, sorters & parcel solutions—has acquired BCC Software. BCC will become: BCC Software, a BlueCrest Company.

In August 2019, BlueCrest & BCC announced a partnership, leveraging best-in-class hardware & software technology, for highly automated end-to-end print & mail workflow processing. BlueCrest’s acquisition of BCC was the evolution of this partnership,

Combined, BCC & BlueCrest will be able to deliver end-to-end solutions for:
  • Data Quality,
  • Design/Composition,
  • Document Re-Composition,
  • Presort & Logistics,
  • Printing, Sorting, Inserting;
  • Mail piece Preparation, Tracking & Reporting.
BCC will maintain its principal operations in Rochester, New York, with an office in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

BlueCrest Acquires BCC Software



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