Best Acrobat alternative?


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I need to work with PDF files of course. I need to make text and image changes. I just can't make myself sign up for Adobe acrobat monthly service because of the terrible Adobe customer service. Please offer your experience and comments with other PDF editing softwares. Thank you.
Depending on your needs . . .
I am using PDFStudioPro for general usage including font replacement. And then the Affinity Suite because all three apps are PDF native workflows. As pointed out elsewhere if you have the fonts loaded the PDF is wide open to editing.
Both packages are multi-platform.
And then I still use CC Suite - for now - because the license still has 6 months to run.
Thanks Chris... I will look into PDFStudioPro. I will need to make sure I understand the font issue...
and also decide how we will handle simple variable data mail merge orders. Presently we are using Fusion Pro with Acrobat. Maybe ID data merge if I learn how to make smaller merge files... master page?
You can buy Acrobat as a non-subscription purchase.
Yes... thanks for the info but I have done so. in fact I have spent waaaaaaay too much money with adobe in our many years of business. In general I have been pleased with the products but when I need to ask a question or actually need customer service the attempts to help are laughable and ridiculous. There is no customer service at all. Therefore I will not spend one more dollar with adobe.


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