Blanket washer


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Good afternoon everyone, I am working on 1992 Heidelberg 40 inch speedmaster with the old style 4 roller blanket wash system, I was able to remove the top rubber and steel roller, can't get the bottom brush roller and steel roller out. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
Remove the platform guard over the perfector.
Remove the drain hose from the catch pan.
Put a bunch of heavy stock on the cylinders under the blanket washer.
Open the catch pan door & remove the socket head cap screw from each side with a 6 mm Allen wrench. Remove the catch pan You have to bring it out evenly or it will bind between the side frames.
Remove the 10 mm hex head cap screw from each end of the spray bar under the brush roller.
Disconnect the solvent supply hose at the tee, as well as the 2 or 3 hose holders on the squeegee bar.
Use a 6 mm Allen wrench to remove the bolt on each hinged bracket that holds the brush roller up in.

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