Bleed lines


Rampage 11.3, can I have bleed lines print to show final trim on imposed sigs for proofs only and not print them on the plate? How?:confused
Can you create the bleed lines in a spot color (extra ink channel) and then simply not plate that "ink" via Modify Output Parameters?

As I recall, there's also a "guidline" option that you can use.....if memory serves, you create the guidlines in the Monitor Proof application and then select them when proofing.....but they won't plate.

Bleed Lines

Bleed Lines

If you are using JDF you have the ability to have the system automatically create trim, bleed and sheet lines.
The key is using JDF.:)
You can create a Smartmark set in Preps that has 4 line marks (left,right,top,bottom) and anchor them to the page bleeds. The color can be set to spot. The line marks can be proofed and turned off for plating.
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Just create a guide set in the "guides" section you can then proof them but not print them. I used to do it but stopped as people were getting confused!!!!
Just create your guide in the original file as a custom spot color, then when you prescan, just map it to dieline, it will overprint on your proofs so you can see them, then when you go to plate dont plate that color


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