Brisque Version 4.1 Help

chad draper

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Need help with a Brisque version 4 locking up on restart at the power pc screen. We have all the cds but unsure how to run the command prompts thru AIX to figure out what is failing or if we just have corrupt data.
EZ Hi Tech
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I've known and used these guys since 1990 back in the Scitex Imager days. They were Scitex engineers. Great bunch of guys.

Tell them Mike Sheehan from Keystone sent you.
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I was able to have a local unix tech come look at it and he ran a fsck -y on the hard drive that initializes the brisque. It worked and we are back up and running for now. For those still running brisques, the fsck scitex has you do only works on the data volumes hard drives not the hard drive that initializes the system. That has to be done in unix..


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