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I dislike the phrase "going forward" to mean "in the future".

Also "go to market" instead of "marketing".


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Years ago I had a manager who would start a review meeting with the opening statement that this review worked both ways, it was according to him a "360 degree" review until I pointed out that at 360 degree it would come back to me and if he was inclined to keep using angles to explain that he was interested in our opinion of what he could do better he may wish to use 180 degree instead, or maybe he could dispense with trigonometry all together.


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What about DIRTFT (Do it right the first time), FOC (Folder of Crap), or "My job is done." My old boss used to say the last one, as he sat at his desk with his feet up.

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What bothers me is the phrase, "You can't manage what you can't measure".

Usually used by people who want to sell you a lot of measurement methods but for some reason can't solve a problem.

The phrase is quite stupid even though it seems to make sense. It assumes that solutions are a result collecting data and not due to critical thinking.


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What bothers me is the phrase, "You can't manage what you can't measure".

I was thinking about this this morning, and you have an important insight.

Measurement is a level of abstraction as much as any decision process is. (In fact, while you measure you are often deciding where variances are to be pigeon-holed in your measurement scheme.)

Abstraction is a marvelous way to establish a working model of a system... but the abstraction is almost never the system. (I would say "is never", but there are many things I do not know for sure.)

Or, as so many people have put it: "We don't sell densitometer numbers that are perfect; we sell faces and logos and browns." (And the numbers presumably help us get there.:))


I cringe whenever people end a sentence with, "just saying." I guess it's meant to mitigate the fact that what you said may be offensive, but it just sounds awful. Of course you were just saying....I heard you say it.


Heard one I have not heared before in a meeting for a new press..."a gnats eyelash" thats what I call close register!

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