Canon ImagePress C750 not recognizing Automatic Paper sizes from the Multi Drawer Paper Deck C1


I just recently got a Multi Drawer Paper Deck C1 and I'm unable to get my C750 to recognize the drawer set sizes automatically.
For each drawer, I need to enter the size as a custom value, but this conflicts with Fiery so it always asks me to confirm the size change.

Built-in drawers are set automatically just fine, but none of the 3 drawers in the PD want to be recognized.

I have all the drawers set to be recognized for All sizes but its not working.

Is there some other setting that needs to be changed for it to start working?

Thanks in advance
Well since nobody replied and this turned out to be the first result on a Google search for the issue.
I managed to sort it out. After a bunch of tries the only solution was to reset the Canon C750 completely, then reenter the default values from the inside door and replug in PD C1 and reboot.
Once that was done it started to recognize all sizes (well after you enable all sizes in the settings since you reset it)


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