PRINT SIZE/BACK UP on Canon ImagePress 700/850


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We have two Canon ImagePress C700's, and one C850. We are having an issue with size and back up. For example, a job with crop marks that should measure 17.5" from one end to the other will be as much as 1/16" too short, and the back up on 2 sided items can be 1/8" or more off. We have gone in to the paper catalog and made adjustments for each paper weight, type and size, and that works for a few days, then we are right back to the same issue. Are other people having this issue? The company that services these machines says nobody else is having this problem. Do Ricoh or Xerox printers have this issue? The size issue isn't a problem so much in the short direction, usually just the length. All 3 machines have Fiery controllers. We use lots of 80# and 100# gloss text, and cover, as well as 60#, 70# and 80# offset, all digital cut to size papers.
In my experience this is pretty common in digital print. I usually have to re-calibrate stocks on all my machines, especially when I'm running jobs with tight cutting. I would guess your tech's clients probably just run a lot of generic work and haven't even noticed it.
I also have the Canon C700. It has been an ongoing problem since I leased it among other issues. Plus if you skew the crops to line up, as you start printing they will move down the sheet and out of alignment with the front
as you are printing. The Techs will say it's within normal standards. They will blame the paper, humidity, and whatever else they can think of. (my shop is fully air-conditioned)
I recently leased a Konica/Minolta 6100 with the IQ501. It is 2 presses of a button and 2 sheets to print out and it is perfect front to back and will hold registration throughout the run.
My experience with Canon has not been the best. I feel the C700 is an entry level printer with limited capabilities. I looked at their top of the line C10000. Did not compare to the Konica/Minolta.

The Konica 6100 is almost two times the lease as the Canon C700. The click charge is .05 less. But the production is 3 times more! Quick registration set up. Does not slow down on heavier stocks. And can run 400 gsm effortlessly. Canon C700 jams frequently.
the Konica 6100 very rarely. The Canon was my first Color machine, so for the price point it did what I needed it too.
The Konica, even though it costs more, I wouldn't be able to keep up with the jobs I have with out it.


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