Switch from Canon Imagepress to a Ricoh Pro C7200X?


I currently have 3 Canon Imagepresses, a C750, C850 and a C910. My biggest issue with the Canons, and the KM I had previously, is the image size never is at a true 100%, nor does it back up properly. The print length on a 19" sheet can be as much as 1/16 too short or too long, more commonly about 1/32" off. We have to print a test print, adjust the print length in the Fiery, then adjust the backup once we get the size dialed in. Some may say 1/32" isn't that big a deal, but if you are printing business cards 24 up on a 13" x 19" sheet, the printing length being off can through the cuts off enough that it is noticeable. As I understand it, the Ricoh 7200 has a mechanical registration feature that should help to eliminate the print length issue, and also the back up alinement issue. Can anyone with a Ricoh share their experiences with and the registration and alignment feature? I do like the way the toner has less gloss on the Ricoh compared to Canon or KM. Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated.


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Once you dial it in (you run a registration program per paper profile, it prints and scans 30 sheets or so to make the adjustments, then you save the paper profile), our 7210 is nearly perfect on all stocks. For context I came from a km 6085 with iq. This is a significant improvement over the KM, especially on heavy stocks that I could never get the KM happy with.

bill kahny

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I currently run a canon IPc750 and a Ricoh 7210 and they don't compare! The ricoh is dead nuts once the stock is set for both size and front to back register. But for color through the run and for some stock for solids, I give an advantage to the Canon. We had the canon first so our cutting of 24 up bc adjustments have to be made at the cutter, not with the Ricoh. I do let bindery know when jobs fall back to the canon now, so the "shrinkage" (as we call it) can be accounted for. We have a gutter for all our business cards even ones that don't bleed to allow for the adjustments, even on the ricoh.


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I saw your remark about "adjust the print length in the Fiery". I am trying to learn about adjusting size accuracy with our Canon V900. Are there any tutorials or tips you would share with a noob? I have found some settings in the paper catalog properties that I would like to try out.


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