Certified Pre-Owned Indigo Press Program Launches


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HP has launched The HP Indigo Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program of previously owned presses. The program includes a portfolio of HP Indigo digital presses for commercial printing, labels & packaging, including: the Indigo-10000, Indigo-12000, Indigo-7000 and narrow-web 6000 series.

HP Indigo CPO renewal process—
Digital presses are carefully selected and inspected as candidates for renewal based on press age, print volume, and condition to undergo the renewal process. After undergoing the rigorous renewal process the presses are certified & resold. HP’s renewal process ensures maintaining the benefits of HP Indigo quality, advanced applications and reliability, which includes:
  • Replacement of dozens of parts,
  • Upgrading to the latest hardware,
  • New software configurations, including the latest digital front end (DFE) to drive variable data & PrintOSX connectivity;
  • A six-month warranty.
The Indigo-10000 Digital Press is available now in selected regions. Expected to be available later this year: the B2 Indigo-12000, Indigo-7000 series and narrow-web Indigo-6000 label presses. More information on CPO presses is available at www.hp.com/indigo-contact-us.


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