Xeikon Expands Portfolio with Hybrid Print & Converting Presses


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Xeikon has launched a digital hybrid solution for label converters that can be configured to the particular needs of a converter, enabling them to increase productivity while retaining full flexibility. The solution is based on:
Xeikon’s hybrid solutions can hold both Cheetah dry-toner & Panther’s UV-inkjet technologies, addressing all end-user applications. Dry-toner is used for applications requiring adherence to high food safety standards. Panther UV-inkjet Technology is specifically focused on labels across industries requiring high durability including: the health & beauty markets, and make use of key benefits of UV-inkjet such as scratch, scuff and rub resistance.

According to Xeikon, the main values of their hybrid label solution are:
  • Single-pass production process—from substrate to ready-label,
  • Higher productivity—eliminates a number of production steps,
  • Reduces waste & setup time,
  • Opens up new business opportunities.
The new hybrid printing solution will be featured during Labelexpo Americas, Hall F— Booth #5703.


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