Challenge Champion 305 crt clamp stuck down


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First time posting here so apologies if this is the wrong place but I was hoping someone may have some advice. Yesterday my Challenge Champion 305 guillotine hit a problem. When making a cut, the clamp came down and locked out without the knife coming down and the motor made an unusual noise. Now when I restart the power and try to release the clamp (pressing both buttons) the motor makes a struggling noise and nothing happens with the clamp, it's firmly down. I was hoping there would be a way to manually release the clamp but I can't find an obvious way. Is there some way to release pressure from the clamp cylinder? I assume maybe a hydraulic valve has malfunctioned or something but I don't have experience of these valves or solenoids. Any advice would be much appreciated! I'm worried if I just try and undo a hose connection it'll blow off if it's under pressure.


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Google Alaska Printer Supply- they are my Challenge dealer. Kurtis may be able to help you out over the phone for a modest fee.


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