Challenge cutter paper deflector?


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I’ve been operating a challenge 305mc cutter for ten years, and I’ve never been able to figure out what the paper deflector does. It doesn’t move, it just sits there on the left side of the blade. I see there’s a little red knob under the table extension that you can loosen and tighten but that doesn’t appear to do anything. Just genuinely curious, what is this meant to do? Is mine broken or something?


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Not sure but here is the manual that talks about using it on knife changes in case you are missing the manual.

Hope it helps!


  • ChallengeChampion305Manual.2130105410.pdf
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Ah thanks! It helped me figure it out. It literally just keeps the trim from getting pushed into the space between the blade and the frame of the cutter. Its supposed to travel down with the blade and back up with a spring. Mine is just stuck in the down position. I can bang it with a hammer from the bottom to free it but it still sticks on the next down stroke. I'll have to figure out how to remove it and clean it all out or something.

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