Chill rollers


We are a carton printer with an inline wide web flexo press. We have been struggling with ink picking on idler rollers between units while running at higher speeds. One of our pressmen found that by shutting off the chilled water to the chills that the picking stops. Are the chills really necessary when running water based inks?
If that works for you then do what you have to do. Be careful of ink not setting properly and marking. Consult your ink supplier for advice also
Thanks for the reply. Ink is setting, no marks or scuffs. COF is good. Supplier is going to observe and check with other customers to see what they are doing. Thought I would get ahead of the game by asking printers first.
Chill rollers are necessary when you are running bare film printing with UV inks, and when the curing unit is connected too closely, chill rollers avoid film expansion. I don't think it impacts printing on carton material.


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