CIP3 Plug-in Configuration


Hi all,
I'm trying to configure my CIP3 plugin to generate PPF files.
I have CIP3 configured as a device with a hot folder as an input.
I have my CTP spool folder pointed to the CIP3 hot folder, so completed (RIPPED/IMAGED) jobs land there for processing.
I've enabled the CIP3 hot foilder, but no PPF is being output.
Am I missing something here? Any help is appreciated.
It's a HQ 8.1 with a licensed CIP3 plug-in.
Am I mistaken that the completed plate files can be used to create the PPF files?
you are not mistaken and it seems to be configured right, like a spoolfolder "cascade". Take care that all involved spoolfolders are "idle" and "enabled" . Then all jobs are running two times through the output controller.
Thank you for the replies. I think I figured this out now. The box to delete completed files was checked, so as each color ripped the file would delete, so all colors would not be present to generate the PPF file. I unchecked this and it started working.
Now another question. The files go to the RIP to plate with our press curve applied. The completed files are then sent to the CIP3 hot folder to generate the PPF files. Should the press curve also be applied in the CIP3 page set-up, or do the files that hit the CIP3 hot folder already have the curve applied during the initial processing to plate?
There are no curves applied to the Jobs coming in the CIP3 workflow. It is usually not necessary. Some of my customers attach the plate curves for the CIP3 workflow too. The difference for your press inkzones is very little.


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