CLOUDFLOW RIP Farm: Packaging Solution


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HYBRID Software has an enterprise RIP solution for packaging, labeling and tradeshops that use multiple platesetters: the CLOUDFLOW RIP Farm.

Printers looking for efficiency gains by mating technology with legacy RIPs & cloud services provide the environment to implement a centralized RIP architecture. HYBRID’s RIP Farm provides an efficient workflow, since jobs can be RIPped & stored in the cloud, then transferred to printing locations for platemaking the day before the job is scheduled to run on press—load balancing across multiple platesetters & printing plants.

According to HYBRID Software, “One customer was able to reduce their footprint from more than 50 dedicated RIPs, installed across the world in different locations, to a centralized CLOUDFLOW RIP Farm of 16 RIP engines running in Amazon Web Services (AWS)”.


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My understanding is that Amazon Web Services is inadvertently a major vector for phishing scams and data leaks (you can google this for more info). I hope this service has some immunity built in.

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