Managing Workflow: 200+ Publications & 15 Production Sites


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Managing Workflow: 200+ Publications & 15 Production Sites
How can the workflow of 200+ publications, including 30 dailies and hundreds of commercial products across 15 production facilities be efficiently managed? This was the question the Adams Publishing Group team was asking when looking for a streamlined, cost-reducing workflow solution that would also improve quality and reduce onsite hardware.

Adams Publishing—a family-owned community newspaper company—strongly believes in the critical function community newspapers fulfill. For its many dailies across 19 US states, it was crucial for Adams to implement a production management system that would be:
  • Easy to use,
  • Cloud-based,
  • Provide automation & cost savings,
  • Deliver ink optimization, and
  • Output from a ‘hub’.
Enter ProImage—an Agfa Company—and its suite of newspaper & magazine production solutions. It was chosen to replace local workflows from 4 different software vendors at all 15 Adams print sites. All 15 locations now use ProImage’s NewsWayX Cloud workflow to provide consistency & streamline production. Adams chose NewsWayX—automated workflow—to provide solutions for:
  • Page & Plate Tracking,
  • Ripping,
  • Imposition, and
  • Output management for printing productions.
    • A single, integrated user interface monitors production status, at origination & remote print sites.
  • Based on HTML5, NewsWayX is accessible from any computer with its easy-to-use interface.
    • Lengthy software training sessions not required.
    • Easily integrates with editorial & press control systems for a cost-effective integrated end-to-end production solution.


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