Human Touchpoints Eliminated from Printer’s Workflow


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Since opening, MyPoster GmbH has grown to more than 350 employees and has added a second production site. The company prints a wide variety of products—up to 15,000 orders / day—including calendars, photo books, greeting cards, digital photo prints, etc. Their variety of orders is managed in production & postpress with the help of multiple industry vendors.

MyPoster’s automated print workflow:
  • ERP software built by Impressed GmBH—print workflow integrators & Ultimate Reselling Partner,
  • Enfocus Switch prepares the print files,
  • Sheets are imposed using Ultimate Impostrip,
  • A Horizon SmartStacker automated by Ultimate Bindery,
    • Ultimate Bindery eliminates all manual interventions.
According to MyPoster management, “The coordinated interaction of Enfocus Switch, Ultimate Impostrip & Bindery and the Horizon SmartStacker, creates the degree of automation that is absolutely necessary to be able to produce highly-individualized orders in a time-and-cost-efficient manner”. Read their success story, at:


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