Sales Double—Using 50% Fewer Staff—by Automating Imposition


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California-based Boone Graphics, a full-service graphic design & letterpress studio, specializes in surveys & manuals for the Medical Industry; and prints over 50,000 unique jobs each year.

Boone combines multiple prepress & production workflow solutions, including ESKO’s Automation engine, to control all aspects of the Pre-Production process. By integrating Ultimate Impostrip software into their workflow, Boone went from 6 prepress personnel producing $3.5 million, to 3 people, producing $8 million, annually.

According to Boone Graphics, ESKO’s Automation Engine, alone, did not provide the fully automated imposition solution they wanted. ‘’Imposition became a huge bottleneck in our production flow,’’ according to Scott Tate, IT Director. “We really wanted one solution that could tackle all of our imposition needs for digital, offset, cut & stack for mail and web to print—all without any human intervention. Ultimate Impostrip checked all the boxes
Sooooo... did they get rid of Esko? They were able to get rid of 3 people that only did imposition? That's a lot of imposing. We are currently using Esko Plato and Automation Engine but we don't do any book work. Plato is weak sauce in my opinion. At a previous shop we used Preps with the Rampage workflow...ahh the good old days. That must have been some bottleneck to be able to eliminate 3 operators and double sales!


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