Printer Realizes Big Time & Cost Savings with Automation


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Printivity—an online digital printing company with locations in NJ & CA—has realized unprecedented savings in time & labor by modernizing their prepress workflow with Significans’ Automation solutions. Printivity’s New Jersey production facility prepress manager realized a 50% reduction in prepress staff hours, and manual work reduction of 25%. Additionally, the time an average file takes to go through the prepress department has decreased by 31%.

The majority of Printivity’s online orders are for marketing products like saddle-stitched booklets, business cards and other printed collateral. Artwork—coming in from a wide range of online customers with various levels of production savvy—is often submitted in the wrong format, with incorrect dimensions, or missing crucial information, crop marks and bleeds.

In the past, a lot of time was spent manually resizing files & making adjustments to ensure orders came out as expected. Using the automation tools created by Significans, Printivity now automates these repetitive tasks, freeing up prepress personnel to focus on higher-value creative work, particularly in graphic design. Learn more about Significans Automation solutions, here.


A 30-day Fix for Managed Chaos

As any print professional knows, printing can be managed chaos. Software that solves multiple problems and provides measurable and monetizable value has a direct impact on the bottom-line.

“We reduced order entry costs by about 40%.” Significant savings in a shop that turns about 500 jobs a month.

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