Ink / Color Management Utility “Virtual InkBooks” Launches


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Significans Automation—provider of graphic arts integration & automation solutions—has launched Version 1.0 of its cloud-based, automating ink / color data management utility, Virtual InkBooks. The launch is timely given Pantone & Adobe's parting of ways, recent price increases for Pantone Connect and challenges of finding qualified prepress staff.

Developed to create custom ink libraries—tailored to any job—Virtual InkBooks allows users to view cloud-based, cataloged & custom ink libraries in real-time, giving production teams the ability to customize & record job-specific ink data. These libraries can be used for repeat work downstream or across multiple jobs on a variety of output devices, reducing make-ready costs and improving & augmenting color consistency across multiple platforms.

Regardless of location, skill level, or printing application, Virtual InkBook users can:
  • Mix & match custom colors;
  • Input LAB, RGB, CMYK color data, and libraries using CXF Data;
  • Save & reuse libraries for future projects;
  • Utilize Adobe Illustrator’s Inkbooks, using a custom Extension;
  • Collaborate & share Inkbooks with multiple groups & users—both Cloud-based and online.


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