New Saddlestitcher from Horizon: iCE StitchLiner Mark-V


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Standard Finishing Systems has announced the release of the Horizon iCE StitchLiner Mark-V Saddlestitcher. A highly productive, operator-friendly system that can seamlessly handle variable count applications and keep up with the latest generation of roll-fed digital presses, the Mark-V is specially designed to run inline or near-line with high-speed, roll-fed digital presses.

StitchLiner Mark V Saddlestitcher Features:
  • Produces booklets at speeds of up to 6,000/per hour.
  • Individual sheets, tightly folded along scoring lines for consistent quality, making tight, flat booklets—even with high page counts (as high as 200 pages) & variable page counts.
  • Fully automated variable production—no operator intervention required.
  • Automatically changes stitch length, belt & roller pressure.
  • Registration control based on page count.
  • Compatible with iCE LiNK—cloud-based workflow management system from Horizon International.
  • Handles sheet sizes up to 20” x 14” & produces a wide range of booklet sizes, including A4 Landscape.
  • Supports an optional dual-bin cover feeder—merges covers into the print stream without affecting production speed.
For more information, visit Standard’s website at Print Finishing with Standard - World-class Feeding and Finishing Solutions

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