Scoring, Folding, Saddlestitching, Trimming Combined in One System


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Standard Finishing Systems—post-press & paper handling solutions—has announced the Horizon iCE StitchLiner Mark-IV Saddlestitcher. The Mark-IV combines signature scoring & folding, saddle stitching and 3-knife trimming into a single system. Stitch length, balance adjustment and thickness settings—from booklet-to-booklet—can all be changed automatically, producing consistent quality, variable booklet production.

  • A scoring function that reduces spine cracking, allowing for a tighter fold.
  • Sheet-alignment featuring 4-directional jogging for a tighter jog & more accurate alignment across stocks.
  • An improved transport system allows stable sheet transport across substrates—even coated & lighter weight.
  • Speeds of up to 6,000 booklets per hour for A4 portrait applications and 5,300 booklets per hour for A4 landscape applications.
  • Speeds can be maintained even with the system set to variable thickness mode or cover sheets are being inserted.
  • Errors are detected & automatically ejected to a tray, without operator intervention.
  • The Mark-IV also features a modern design, customizable machine status indicator lights, safer & easier system access points—for operators and technicians—and more flexible configuration options for both offset & digital output.
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