Automating Production—More Than 5,000 Unique Books/Day


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About 2½ years ago, when Documation of Eau Claire, WI started their POD program, they bought some automated perfect binding equipment that would take a roll of paper off of their HP PageWide-T240 HD Web Presses, unwind it, cut it, fold it, stack it, perfect bind it and 3-knife trim it. But, they still needed to find a solution that could dynamically handle variable book signature lengths, without adding blank pages.

Already using Ultimate Impostrip to streamline production, Documation used Ultimate to create compatible 2D matrices & 1D barcodes to pass job information to the finishing equipment. By building a centralized prepress workflow and connecting it to finishing equipment using Impostrip, Documation created an automated workflow—going from customer to press & bindery—with consistency, without the need for manual intervention—and automating the production of more than 5,000 unique books / day.
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