Standard-Horizon’s Book-of-1 Perfect Binder


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Standard Finishing Systems has an addition to their perfect binding solutions—the Standard Horizon BQ-500 Perfect Binder—designed for increased book-of-one productivity. The new system features a 12.1” touchscreen for quick setup, with increased automation & quality control over a wider range of substrates; and an enhanced delivery system for thin books.

BQ-500 Features—
  • Variable range of +/- 5mm, the BQ-500 can reach production speeds of up to 800 books per hour.
  • Interchangeable EVA & PUR glue tanks featuring an improved tank cleaner / removal process for easier tank changeover.
  • Equipped with iCE LINK—a new cloud-based monitoring tool from Horizon—that also handles KPI analysis, PM schedule/alerts, JDF/JMF workflow, scheduling, job creation, editing, etc.
  • The BQ-500 can be run in-line with the HT-300 3-Side Trimmer, and features a trim section rotary table which enables 3-side trimming and finishing in a variety of shapes, including corner cuts.
  • Flap cover trimming with automated setup via the color touchscreen or with a barcode reader at the in-feed.
  • The HT-300 is 35% faster than the previous model and can process up to 300 books / stacks per hour at 4 books per stack for up to 1,200 books per hour.


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