Standard Finishing Announces Starbook Plowfolder Book Block Solution


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Standard Finishing Systems—post-press & paper handling solutions—has announced the release of the Hunkeler Starbook Plowfolder Book Block Solution—designed to run inline or near-line in high-volume digital print environments. The Starbook Plowfolder combines unwinding, plowfolding, dynamic cutting and starwheel book delivery into a solution that produces glued book blocks from 4, 6, or 8-page signatures—optimal for short or long run lengths—including book-of-one and variable thickness applications. It runs at speeds of up to 820 ft/min.

Features include:
  • UnwindingHunkeler’s UW8 Unwinder handles web widths up to 22.5” and 1,980 lbs. For wider media or continuous production, the UW7 Unwinder, RS8 Automated Roll Splicer, or RX8 Automated Media Changer are also compatible.
  • PlowfoldingHunkeler’s PF8 Plowfolder’s fold pressing units ensure a tight, high-quality fold, and features a web guide for continuous fine adjustment of the web edge for accuracy & stability.
  • Dynamic CuttingHunkeler’s CS8-B Rotary Cross Cutter converts the folded paper web into 4-up, 6-up, or 8-up signatures. An optional Dynacut function allows dynamic changes in signature cut length during continuous production.
  • Book DeliveryBook blocks are delivered individually or in stacks of multiple book blocks via Hunkeler’s BD8 Book Delivery Module. The BD8, features Hunkeler’s patented starwheel delivery system and delivers glued, flat book blocks with straight spines.
For more information visit the Standard website.


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