Considering a GW 8336 SCC


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We're looking into a GW 8336 SCC to increase efficiency and accuracy in our shop. Currently we use a guillotine and folder/perf/score machine. Often we have small runs of 1,000 or less and it takes more time to set up the folder to perf/score than to run the job. Also, being the end of the year, I'm looking to reinvest some profit back into the business by putting a chunk of money down and financing the rest. I've been in this business for about 40 years, but not in bindery/finishing or as an owner of a shop, so I really value your opinions.
Having the GW PTSCC I would look at a Standard first. After 6 years of light use you will have registration issues. Spend the extra and get the better, faster Standard. The perforation on the GW is useless and we don't EVER use it. It perfs on the edges but not the center due to the perf bar flexing. Their solution is to build up the rubber strike plate but it is a joke.
Hi solve the perf not deep in the middle we have three solution.
1.adjust the crease depth at hardware screw inside the machine under crease the middle the perf bar and find the perf saw.insert sth like metal washer or paper on top of the middle of the saw and screw tighten again.
Then the perf in the middle will be better.
The problem source is not rubber pad but pressure unevenness.rubber just amplified the effect.


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