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Hi Folks,

Looking to see what everyone is doing for content proofing.

We are currently proofing on a Epson Pro 9900, which is pretty much on it’s
last leg and needs to be replaced.

Problem being it will be fairly expensive, we have a Prinergy system and we send our
Imposed sigs to the 9900 via a old XP machine running outdated KPS software
Kodak / Proofer Client, our Prinergy software is version 8.02

So if we want to countiune to proof as we are, we will have to buy a new Epson
(not a big deal) then the expensive part we would need to purchase new
controller software and a PC from Kodak along with a couple of other upgrades.

Is there any alternatives out there that will run from Prinergy to get backed up
and imposed imposition sigs, as quite a few of our customers still like to have
a dylux proof in there hands to approve there job from.

Thanks in advance for any info you might have.


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We have Prinergy 8 too, and were using 9900 also but not KPS. We just using GMG or Fiery to send IMPO PDFs to proofers. A few years ago we switched to a system called IMPOProof that uses two Canons to back up the proof "automatically". And it works pretty darn good too. Our production manager worked a good deal with them, at least that is what I was told. And the support for this unit is quite a bit less expensive than Kodak. That is, if you decide to have a support agreement after the first year.


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Unfortunately, your options are fairly limited. One option might be to look into an ImpoProof ( which is designed to do 2-sided proofing. I believe the workflow would be that you export 8-bit TIFF images from your Prinergy system to the ImpoProof PC and then it controls the impoproofer from there. It's price is somewhere between $25K and $35K.



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We used to use the venerable HPDesignjet 1150C PS for CONTENT and ASSEMBLY - not color.
We switched to a 4 ink HP T730 (~$2,800). Wish it had a PS option but we just open the imposed Prinergy files and print from Acrobat as an image. Works. Inexpensive. Fast.

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