creative cloud subscription a ripoff


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Wow, I was just look at my companies actual CDs of Creative Suite 6. And yes, I have downloaded the disk images so I can put them on the network to install on different computers, as we have a volume license. And some of those computers at the time did not have CD drives. I can tell you, if I were to be buying older software that originally came out on CDs, but someone was only offering a download, I would wonder about it.


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As an independent designer, purchasing suites, upgrades and fonts was a big nut to crack. I like paying monthly and getting every piece of software I need, always up-to-date, plus a large library of fonts to use. Plus, I am learning other software included in CC. Lease or buy, it's all a write-off anyway.


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Jeff Beam, I notice you have only 8 posts and all on this topic. As a cynical old prepress guy it kind of makes me think you might have a vested interest in this site you praise?

Also calling Dov a 'troll' and accusing him of causing trouble is completely out of order!

He represents his employer Adobe on this forum and in many industry bodies. He also promotes the correct use of PDF and is instrumental in the creation of new standards for the printing industry due to his role at ISO.
He's also one of the most knowledgeable and nicest guys you could meet (see you in Bulgaria Dov!).


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Jeff Beam, since you chimed in, the conversation keeps going in circles. If the software download link provided points to Adobe's website, then the SOFTWARE is legit BUT the question here is....where do the SERIAL NUMBERS for the software come from? Who is generating them? Given that the website you referenced is not an AUTHORIZED ADOBE RESELLER, I'm pretty sure Adobe would not provide them with the necessary tools to generate legitimate SERIAL NUMBERS.

BTW, attacking Dov Issacs....bad move. Your credibility was already in question and attacking Dov pretty much killed it.

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Do you know what a false postive is? About 57 different Antivirus programs report the Site safe from the same link you listed.

Sites are listed "Safe" by default by many antivirus vendors. They get listed malicious either manually based on user feedback, based on staff research, or based on automated signals their crawlers can detect. A single vendor listing it as malicious as opposed to all 67 indicates: 1) the site is not popular or well-trafficked (not a good sign for a vendor), and 2) something happened that caused BitDefender to decide to flag it on purpose. If there was a false flag that was being automatically picked up in error, you'd expect to see more engines picking up that same false flag.


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Norton detects 3 Trojan viruses on their CS6 files.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 8.45.42 AM.png


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