Debug bugaboo


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For the past few weeks I've noticed small text files appearing in job folders with the filename "debug". Turns out this file is generated when saving files out of Photoshop CC (latest updated). According to Adobe Support Community it is a glitch that's being investigated by their engineering team. And it's fine to ignore or delete the little bugger.

Anybody else notice this?

Yes. They are appearing in the same folder as the saved Photoshop file. Since I often need to save pdfs as bmp files for inkjetting return addresses for #10s, the debug file follows along.
So much about this whole CC thing with the laughable updates pushed out twice a week.
I do not get that debug report text file in my folder

Adobe Photoshop Version: 21.0.1 20191106.r.47 2019/11/06: 3152b481f18 x64

If you are using Notepad - you must be Windows. Windows 10 ? What resolution you saving at @Schnicklefritz ?


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