IDMarkz Update Converts InDesign to IDML & More


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Markzware announces IDMarkz—V1.5.7—featuring a number of updates. The V1.5.7 upgrade gives it the ability to export Adobe InDesign documents as TXT, RTF, or HTML—and convert InDesign to IDML—without previewing. IDMarkz uses its own engine to generate high-resolution file previews, without Adobe InDesign or a Creative Cloud subscription. Additional enhancements, include:
  • Improved text wrap settings,
  • Alert about file modification / deletion until it becomes active,
  • Displays of more master page items in the previews,
  • Chains text in multi-column boxes, and
  • Seamlessly opens IDML in Affinity Publisher via the Automation feature.
Free, through May 31, 2020. It can be purchased on the website or through authorized Resellers.


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