IDMarkz for Mac Now At Apple’s App Store


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Markzware has announced that IDMarkz—their stand-alone Adobe InDesign previewer & converter—is now available in Apple’s App Store. IDMarkz presents a high-quality, zoomable preview, along with helpful document details.

Markzware’s InDesign converter will open InDesign files in a variety of desktop publishing applications and export the files as IDML, PDF, TIF, PNG, JPEG, or GIF file formats. To preview InDesign files, just drag-and-drop InDesign .indd or .indt documents onto the IDMarkz application.

Users of IDMarkz are able to enhance DTP production workflows using the Mac-OS platform:
  • Preview & automatically convert Adobe InDesign to—
    • Affinity Publisher, QuarkXPress, Acrobat, Illustrator, IDML,
    • Annotatable PDF, and
    • Image Formats;
  • Quickly process InDesign documents, for faster production;
  • Use an InDesign file app, without Creative Cloud subscriptions.
Now available for purchase through Markzware’s IDMarkz page, from authorized Markzware resellers and the Apple App Store.


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