Convert QuarkXPress to InDesign-2021 in MacOS


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Markzware has added QXPMarkz macOS, with InDesign-2021 support, to the Q2ID bundle. QXPMarkz—part of the new “Markz” line of applications—is replacing Q2ID. This stand-alone QXPMarkz application allows conversion & opening QuarkXPress documents in Adobe InDesign, without the need for the QuarkXPress application.

QXPMarkz Features:
  • Converts Quark files to IDML.
  • Converts Quark files to InDesign without having QuarkXPress loaded on your computer.
  • Allows sending IDML files to Affinity Publisher version 1.8 or higher.
QXPMarkz Features:
  • The ability to export text out of a QXP file and save it as plain text, RTF or HTML.
  • Get a rough preview of the QXP file that can be exported as several different bitmap formats including PNG and JPEG.
  • A file inspector panel allows viewing the file details, including the number of images & fonts detected in the QXP file.
Current, qualifying Q2ID License owners can use the License Link provided at the time of purchase, to access the update. A perpetual license of QXPMarkz can be purchased via the QXPMarkz page on the website and through authorized Resellers.

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