Dedicated black/white data matrix system


I have a customer who I have been making serialized data matrix labels 1x1" squares using an Epson Surepress. I finish on a AllenDatagraph CentraHS Finisher. The labels have been going well but I feel like my printer is overkill. Does anyone know of an affordable black and white roll-to-roll digital label printer?
What do you call affordable? I don't think there is anything left in monochrome roll-to-roll printers. They all went to color.
I'll take a look at Zebra. I want to be able to print out between 20K and 500K labels per day. I lose a lot of time transferring data files to Surepress, I would rather have a dedicated variable black and white printing machine/s.
I don't think you will find anything very cheap for producing 500K labels per day. A memjet based r2r label printer for $15K is more like 100K per month. You could see if AroJet has a USA dealer/distributor. What about a used laser engine Allen press? They are color but their engines usually have a true monochrome mode.

Thanks for all these suggestions! I will do some more research on this one. I'm keeping up with demand at the moment but feel like I could be more efficient about this.


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