New Markets & Capacity for In-Mold Label Manufacturer


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Inland Packaging’s 3rd La Crosse, WI manufacturing facility focuses on producing in-mold labels for larger consumer packaged goods customers. The company is consistently recognized for its high-quality label & packaging production. Recently, the firm was awarded two American Package Design Awards from Graphic Design USA for labels. Additionally, the GAA named Inland a winner in the 2022 Golden Cylinder Award for its Nesquik in-mold label.

Inland puts a high priority on training & education for its team, and the company evaluated several offset press manufacturers before selecting Koenig and Bauer, due to important features built into the press consoles. Inland’s new Rapida-106X-UV LED 9-color plus coater press is “purpose-built” for the in-mold label market.

Their Rapida has a number of proprietary features that produce color accuracy & consistency, including: ErgoTronic Color Control, ErgoTronic LAB, ErgoTronic PSO match, Qualitronic Inline Color Control, QualiTronic PrintCheck, ErgoTronic ACR—video camera for register control—and ErgoTronic Image Zoom—video magnifier & tester.

“One particular feature of the press that has been extremely valuable”, says Amy Mashak, Inland’s Director of Operations, “is its ability to produce detailed reports for managing color, both in-line & offline. These reports align with Inland’s objective of meeting the demands of its customers.”

The Rapida is also equipped with an inline roll sheeter, producing rolls into finished sheets; simultaneous—under 50 second—plate change for all 9-printing units; Data Matrix Camera for plate confirmation & recognition; and Drivetronic SRW (washing unused printing units while the press is in production with another job).

“Our state-of-the-art press & finishing equipment have opened additional capacity with increased productivity & efficiency,” says Mashak. “This additional capacity is allowing Inland to better serve growing markets & exceed customer demand.”
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