Packaging & Label Company Plans Exponential Growth by Choosing Equipment with Artificial Intelligence


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Grafika Print—an award-winning, 4th generation, Pennsylvania, provider of innovative consumer paperboard packaging & labeling—employs Koenig & Bauer’s Rapida 106-X and unique technology to propel exponential growth.

Grafika Print’s visionary 3rd generation CEO, Bernie Elzer III considers each equipment purchase with an eye toward effectively competing at the highest level in the volume, industrialized print market. To that end, the company recently added a Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106-X, one of the most advanced presses in the country. According to Elzer, “The addition of the new Rapida press is a cornerstone of that vision. My aim is to grow our packaging volume exponentially by correctly choosing the right equipment without increasing our current employee count of 125.”

“As our industry evolves and craftsmen retire, it’s very important to me to purchase equipment using AI to make human-like interpretation of the printed result,” says Elzer. “It’s been a challenge to find traditional operators. Here at Grafika, we’re seeking out ‘print technologists of the future’, younger professionals who are comfortable using various press technology as tools to help them be productive and maintain the quality required by customers.”

“My relationship with Koenig & Bauer is extremely analytical,” Elzer says. “They intensely listen and structure an equipment purchase on the individual needs of their customers.”

Elzer sought out futuristic technology for his Rapida 106-X such as:
  • Instrument Flight Color Control, an advanced color control technology that processes color readings from color measurement devices and issues automated color adjustments back to the printing machine.
    • It features an AI-powered autopilot for color and consistency in print production.
    • It measures densities & spectral data and is able to collect all of this data and control the “dot”, such as G7 gray balance and expanded gamut.
    • It also provides closed loop feedback on how well the process is achieving this task and allows the user to consistently monitor print production and maintain optimum printing conditions.
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