New Press Allows Printer to Drop Run Minimums


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During the past 6-years, Protective Packaging—a South Carolina custom printed box & packaging printer—has grown significantly. A large investment in new equipment has increased their capacity & propelled this 80-employee firm to double their sales. The company produces common customized box styles, including: reverse-tuck end, straight-tuck end, sleeves, auto-bottom tuck top, seal end, simplex, Klik lock, 4-point in-fold, 6-point in-fold and windowed carton.

Since founding the company in 1987, Tom Price has continually reinvested in new technology. This summer the firm welcomes the delivery of new equipment—a Koenig & Bauer, Rapida-106, 6-color, 41” press. Price says, “When our new state-of-the-art Rapida-106 arrives, it will represent a highpoint for our business, giving us the fastest speeds to ensure fast delivery to our customers.”

Historically, Protective Packaging has produced run lengths between 15,000 & 50,000, but the new Rapida-106 will permit the firm to discontinue imposing run length minimums, due to the Rapida’s ultrashort makeready times & enhanced color control systems that automatically provide measurement & detailed job reports.


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