Digital Folder / Creaser.....


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looking to retire our old MBM B23 with Hot Glue for something with no make ready and can score in one pass. Largest we fold is 13x19, maybe 13x30 down the road. Mostly digital but cant be slow... need some speed.



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We have a Morgana and it has been a great machine for score and fold! Nothing lighter than 100# Text.

Good Luck.


The Morgan Major is bullet proof. Have it for about 8 years never fails. Very, very fast, We have no problem running #20 bond, #60 or #100 offset. Will also fold gloss. Not good for cover. It is very easy to set up for perforation. However, it is not a creaser for digital work where toner will be on the crease line.
If you want a folder and digital creaser go for the Morgan DP5000-we have had one for 9 years. Great unit also and gtmo is right nothing lighter than #100 text. The Major is about 10K probably and the DP was $35K when we bought it.


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DP5000 is garbage. Stay away from it. There are multiple upgrades of this machine's line that are out, like the Digifold and Digifold Pro, and I have heard good things about those machines. You can also look at Duplo, I have heard from many sources that their engineering is superior to Morgana.


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Have been evaluating the Horizon CRF-362. Built in Japan with very study construction. Has 5 speeds with heavy cover being able to run at the fastest. Book weight stocks need to run at #1 or #2 to maintain fold accuracy. Much user flexibility, even reversing the side of the paper the crease happens on. Compared to an old Morgana I had before Horizon, this is slower but folds are dead on.

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