Scored glossy digital print folding issue


We have a Xerox Iridesse printer and a Xerox 1000i. We have a Duplo DC 618 for scoring and a 20year old Baum folder that is in decent shape. Our problem is we can score straight but after scoring if we have a lot of coverage the folder will fold it crooked! We have had a technician in here 2x to check out the folder and figure out if there is a problem and he said the rollers don't need to be replaced. We are still having issues folding brochures straight! We are using 100# Gloss text stock. Anyone else having these problems or have a fix for this, or perhaps even a folder that might fold digital printing better??
Normally the folder will follow the score even if the fold plates are slightly off, so this is unusual. I have a 618 and it does an okay job on 100lb coated text, make sure you’re using the correct narrower width anvil on the Duplo 618. It sounds more like your fold rollers are allowing the paper to slip when you have heavy coverage. Clean fold rollers, fold an unscored sheet to make sure your plates are in fact in the correct position. Scoring on the top side should delaminate the paper enough to create a clean fold.

I sometimes use this cheap ionizing air blower. I move it around and it does help eliminate static when I place it at the exit of the Duplo.
or perhaps even a folder that might fold digital printing better??
This looks like a nice setup for the DC 618, I don't have any experience with it but knife folding 400 gsm sure would be nice.
Duplo DC-618 In-Line folder

If you have the tabletop Baum you can't set the pressure/gap between the rollers. If you only have this problem with heavy toner I have to guess that the rollers are either worn or slick and not gripping the coated paper enough. You don't necessarily have to buy a new folder, I had my rollers for my Challenge SRA3 folder (similar to Baum) recovered and they used a rubber that was better for coated stock.


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