EFI Fiery Impose / Duplo DC-618 Integration Extends to Automating Post-press


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EFI’s relationship with Duplo now delivers a new, one-step direct communication integration between EFI Fiery Impose software and the Duplo DC-618 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser—automating job preparation & finisher setup—delivering 80% time saving for a custom job’s prepress to post-press setup.

Impose now has built-in knowledge of the DC-618 configuration options & constraints. Customers can quickly create a custom imposition layout through a setup wizard that provides a step-by-step process with interactive, visual feedback showing the addition of cut, crease & perforation settings—all within the displayed constraints of the finisher. Finishing a job is done by feeding sheets into the DC-618 without any additional programming—accelerating turnaround time while eliminating touchpoints & errors from incompatible layouts.

According to Duplo, “This integration allows users to create an end-to-end productivity solution, and the ability to simplify the most complex finishing projects.”

For more information on advanced digital cut-sheet production printing using EFI Fiery solutions, visit www.efi.com.


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