Duplo 618 Won't Connect to EFI Impose


Hi There! I have a new DC-618, and am having trouble connecting to Fiery Impose. I was able to connect initially, but now when I try to connect through preferences in Impose, the IP test always fails. I've tried using the default IP address as well as the server IP address that is shown on the main page in Command Workstation. It connects to the Duplo software with no problem, and it would also connect to Fiery Impose less than two weeks ago, however, now the test always fails.

Using the Duplo software is fine for now, but I would like to experiment more using the Fiery Impose integration, so I would appreciate any tips if anyone had the same issue.

I don't have a Duplo 618...but Fiery's are notorious for losing connection. Usually a restart of each device does the trick. You also need to make sure each device has a static IP address.
I found that my 618 is very picky about the usb cable. Make sure it’s as short as possible and a good cable.


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