Enhanced Pressero & eDocBuilder support announced


Staff member
Aleyant has announced the addition of new customer services for their Pressero & eDocBuilder applications. Customer support now includes:
  • Configuration setup & changes,
  • eDocBuilder templates,
  • Pricing engine assistance,
  • Advanced technical support,
  • Phone support, and
  • 24 hour/day, fast answer—chat-based—support.
Pressero & eDocBuilder chat options are located directly within their respective admin sites. Contact Aleyant for details.

Color Optimized?

by Noel Ward, Editor@Large
Color is in demand in all types of documents, making color management a critical part of Digital Printing 5.0. Managing color on one device/press can be an easy task with the correct tools and processes. But managing color to ensure printed pages are consistent and repeatable across the different substrates and color gamuts of toner and inkjet can be a much bigger challenge. Properly implemented color management workflows can help achieve consistent color results across multiple devices. Although many end-customers are claiming satisfaction with “pleasing color,” two challenges are still in play. Link to Article