Epson Introduces Two New SurePress Digital Label Presses


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Epson America has announced the SurePress L-4733AW water-based resin-ink digital label press and the SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink, UV-inkjet digital label press.

The SurePress L-4733AW offers advanced automation, unattended printing features, higher productivity on film substrates and an optional inline spectrometer. Additional features:
  • Automatic cleaning of the printhead surface.
  • Optional SureSpectro AS-4000 inline spectrometer for accurate spot colors & gradients for color prime labels & packaging.
  • Supports a range of substrates, including off-the-shelf flexo materials, without the need to surface prime.
  • Inks meet the latest safety standards & regulations, such as REACH; and deliver high-quality images.
  • A versatile press for converters focusing on food, beverage, health & beauty labels.
The SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink—an alternative to the L-6534VW with Digital Varnish—uses CMYK with standard high-opacity White Ink plus Orange Ink to widen the color gamut. Additional features:
  • Uses CMYK with standard high-opacity White Ink plus Orange Ink to widen the color gamut.
  • Incorporates PrecisionCore linehead technology & high-pigment, low-migration LED-UV curing ink.
  • 92% PANTONE coverage certification within Delta E of 1.5.
  • Uses minimum colors to deliver maximum gamut.
  • Enables repeatable high-speed printing of up to 2 million square feet per month.
  • Space-saving, center drum, compact design, integrating all production functions, including Corona treatment.
  • Supports a range of paper & film substrates.
  • White Ink, web cleaner, ionizer, additional UV-curing unit—standard.
Availability—SurePress L-4733AW & L-6534VW (with Orange Ink) available in June 2022. Additional information, visit


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